Смешное видео на английском с расшифровкой

Я -то думала, что только люди страдают клептоманией. Этот кот из Калифоринии меня так рассмешил!

Вот такие ролики очень полезно расшифровывать, потому что интересно и весело. А еще можно записать на-английском, это еще и письмо тренирует.

Кот - клептоман - я расшифровала вам текст

There is a neighborhood thief ????? in California

-We have a cat burglar, I mean literally a cat burglar.

Night after night Dusty the clepto cat slips into the darkness .. looking to raid the possessions of unsuspecting neighbors.

- How many things has Dusty taken from you?

- Three


- What were they?

- My Crocs and my tennis shoes.

- The kids know the rules. Do not leave your shoes outside , because they will not be there in the morning

-Oo! This are mine!

There has been no video evidence of Dusty's crimes.

So I set up a surveillance camera outside his front door to catch him in the act

Now we gonna have actual proof.

Dusty ( proud? -не могу понять слово) the neighborhood for 2 weeks

And my camera was rolling whole time/

Now is the moment (X- имя ) and I have been wating for.

Hopefully we caught Dusty in the act, I'm a little nervous, a little excited

I'm a little everything right now

-Press play and let's do it!

-What is that?

- I've never seen him like that .This is great! I love watching this. You never get to see Dusty with anything

- It is crasy. When your sleeping in the middle of the night he's out getting stuff for you

Look at that ! That is great

Is he bringing back a sponge?/

- I think you' re right

He's bringing back a sponge right here

Dusty's got a sponge in his mouth!

-He is a busy kitty. This cat is so funny to me

O it's crazy! I never have seen anything like it before.

He needs therapy or he gets arrested one or the other. We got you Dusty

You are a clepto kitty.