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Когда-то я записала видео с сестрами моего мужа. Интересные воспоминания. Послушайте сначала Марти.

Расшифровка истории от Марти
Okay my grandparents on my mother’s side of the family, my grandfather was French, a French man. He married a Menominee Indian lady and they had several children and they had children and eventually my grandmother ended up in Mississippi and she married.

Her name was Bertha Josephine Juno, so Juno French family, and she married Lewis Tidwall. 

He was a Methodist, she was a Baptist, and every Sunday morning they got up, got dressed, he drove her to her Baptist church, he went to his Methodist church. 
And when church is over he leaves his church goes picks her up from the Baptist church and they go home and we thought that’s how all families were. 
We didn’t know any different. 
Sometimes we would go with our grandfather to church, but mostly we were Baptist and went with my grandmother. 
But he was very happy if one of us decided we wanna go with granddaddy today. That’s it.

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